The Eternal Plan

Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Fact: ...We Will All Die.......
What will happen to you when you have "slipped these mortal coils"?
Where will you be?

Your soul may go either way, but your remains stay here on Earth.

Do your final plans involve cremation?

Why not become part of an artistic creation by having your ashes molded into a distinctive art work that will celebrate your physical existence on Earth? Become part of a permanent display that will cover three hundred acres of Canada's Northern wilderness.

Why settle for a small underground plot in the suburbs when you have the option of joining a vibrant creation that fills the landscape?   Each Screaming Head, weighing 20 tonnes, will have it's own nameplate proclaiming a brief biography of the person incorporated in the monolith, an eternal commemoration of the individual therein. The Screaming Heads are a protest, a protest for whatever you wish: why must you rest in peace?

The Screaming Heads Art Project is enjoying increasing publicity both in Canada and abroad. This is your opportunity to reserve a place, to literally become a part of potentially one of the world's greatest modern masterpieces.

Located in the Near North of Ontario, the site is easily observed by road or by air. Air observation reveals another dimension of the project as shown in the schematic outline available on request.

The donation required to reserve your final resting place within this unique project is a nominal sum of U.S.$10K (with options available for higher sums). In consideration of the basic contribution, the artist will create one Screaming Head monolith upon receipt of the ashes of the deceased. A non-refundable down-payment of 50% is payable at time of booking, with the balance due upon completion of the monolith (balance to be held in trust account of mutually agreed upon third party).

Please note that your donation may have positive tax implications . 

You are advised to consult with an Accountant.

Pioneer Plan:

Early booking (prior to the 2009 season) enables the contract-holder to:

  1. Exercise absolute preferment among the available sites in the master plan.
  2. Enjoy the opportunity to participate physically in the conception and erection of the exclusive monolith;
  3. Obtain a "Pioneer's Discount" of 10% on the balance due at execution of the contract.

The Spring 1998 components featured renditions of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Primeval Forest. The Apocalypse aspect will feature the Horsemen and eighty sixteen-feet (five metres) high concrete "Screaming Heads" located throughout the ponds and rolling meadows, backed by a forest which changes from white to golden-green to crimson. The Primeval Forest will be comprised of eighty screaming concrete trees, roughly eighteen feet (six metres) tall, with a treed ridge and fantastic sunsets as the backdrop.

Do not hesitate to reserve now. Contact the artist directly at the address below:

Peter Camani,
Midlothian Ridge,
RR#1 Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada P0A 1C0
1-(705) 382-6413
or E-mail

Peter Camani,
Midlothian Ridge, Ontario, Canada

Screaming Heads
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